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A hairy piece of jewelry

In the history of mankind, hair is of particular importance. It symbolizes youth, vitality and health. Above all, hair expresses our own individuality and might be our own piece of art. Remember icons like James Dean with his contrary hair or the first super model Twiggy with her Eton crop.

For over 22 years Irena has been active as a passionate hair stylist. She started her career with the trendy Black&White Hairdresser studio and next became independent with the Timetunnel creative team. In 2008 Irena set forth and became part of Atelier BO. Today she is a guest stylist with Michael La Delle. Irena’s agile fingers and her aesthetic sense could not remain unnoticed and soon she was contracted by the fashion world icons such as L’Oréal Styling or the Swiss Fashion Show.

Hair can be designed flashy but it can also be styled to enhance a person’s appearance. Irena has the rare talent of striking the right balance between a person’s life style, clothes and precious hair.

For your personal and competent appointment meet Irena at Feldstrasse 61 in 8048 Zurich. She can meet all of your hair care needs: color, extensions, dread locks, hair styling for parties, weddings and shows.

Irena Küng
Irena de la Boom
Feldstrasse 61
8048 Zürich

Cell: 078 924 14 44
By appointment only (Wed., Thu., Sat.)

Welcome to your fantasy world by Irena de la Boom

For over 20 years Irena de la Boom has been working her magic on new adventures in our hemisphere. The journey started in 1988 when the techno scene was still underground and a screaming interior design didn’t belong in popular Swiss clubs. At this time, Irena enjoyed herself in Miami and got to know a new rhythm called breakbeat. This mutiny against the usual 4/4 beat captivated her and set ground for a first inspirational event creation, to be followed by many more in the years to come.

Back in Switzerland Irena allowed her inspiration free reign. Together with other birds of paradise and cultural enthusiasts, she organised unforgettable parties such as the Betty Ford clinic, Alice in the Dreamland or Las Vegas. Supported by the well-recognised DJs Ricardo Villalobos, Lady Kier (dee-lite) and ark, she created time monuments in patriarchal places such as the Hubertus, the Birchstrasse or the Dreamland at the Hermetschloo.

Over the years the electronic music became socially acceptable and the need for more show grew in various scenes. The most famous club in Zurich decided to take the risk and engaged Irena de la Boom and DJ René S. In 2003 a party series called All Night Long in the Kaufleuten started a new era. Irena was not only responsible for the technical administration but also did the styling herself. The party themes harajuka kids, animal farm, 50s beauty salon or body suspension became cross-cultural events. It was impossible not to notice these successful flashy nights. In 2008 Irena signed on as art director when All Night Feat Diesel celebrated its 30th fashion label anniversary. Called Boogie Nights, with professional performers such as N.E.R.D, Chaka Khan, Mark Ronson, 2manydjs and others, people in 17 cities all over the world celebrated and clinked glasses at the same time.

Irena de la Boom’s journey continues with the new label ROLLKOFFER. Since the beginning of 2011 new underground-ish adventures have taken place in the Pfingstweide club. Again Irena is waving her magic wand and transforming the interior into an interactive and hip fantasy world. Detailed information is to be found on Facebook under Rollkoffer Crew.

You wish to make your event a get away from it all? Irena de la Boom is your perfect partner! Her network includes international DJs and artists. Irena’s exceptionally gifted hands create the appropriate styling. A brilliantly creative organizer with ideas for shows and interior decoration makes Irena de la Boom the indispensable event planner.